Currently still over 2.5 billion people are using biofuells like wood and cow-dung to cook food. This leads to deforestation, health problems and collection of wood costs money and time. 
Introducing new energy technologies for cooking like solar cookers and fuel efficient stoves significantly improves peoples living conditions.  

 Solar whine heating on Dutch ice in winter           Solar Cooking cultural food in Ethiopia

With the current solar technology it is difficult to prepare dishes which require large amounts of heat input in a short amount of time like pancakes or the Ethiopian staplefood named injera. For these dishes a different approach is needed. 

  Injera making on three stones and clay plate       Injera making on more effective plate and stove

Using an more efficient stove and an effective alternative for the clay plate, we where able to reduce the energy required for preparing injera with about 85%. Since 80% of the household wood use in Ethiopia is used for making injera, this is being welcomed as a great development. 

      Sunny Heineken BBQ 

  Different foods cooked simultaneously        Sunny Heineken BBQ
  with solar energy

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