For most problems there are plenty of solutions already available. In theory it is possible to energize the world in a sustainable way. To build theory into to practice an interdisciplinary approach is needed. Partnerships are important in order to succeed. 

Currently Sunny Simons is working with 'The Fortune Cooker®'.
Solar heated gluhwein on ice
This is a new type of solar cooker which can be used worldwide when the sun is shining. In northern countries it can be used it summer as a solar powered barbecue and in the winter for heating gluewine while ice skating (as shown on the right). 
In the developing world it can be an alternative for unhealthy and environmentally disastrous habit of cooking on biomass (on which still 2.7 billion people depend worldwide). 

Sunny Simons is working with Plan International to introduce the Fortune Cooker in Ethiopia and adjust it to lokal (cooking) culture. Most people in Ethiopia are still cooking on biomass like wood and cow dung. Decreased usage of biomass can significantly increase health trough a decrease of toxic emissions. Deforestation will decrease and reforestation projects can be more successful. 

Introduction Fortune Cooker in Ethiopia
Introduction of Fortune Cooker in Lalibela, Ethiopia